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Written By
John Chang
Date Created
Tue, 18th Aug 2009
Date Modified
Thu, 28th Oct 2010

   Using Avervision cameras webcams?


Can AVerVision Cameras be used as webcams on IM engines?


Yes, Avervision Cameras be used as webcams on IM engines. However it is specific to which camera. Currently our CP series have the driver capability to run as webcams with popular IM engines. The software you'll need is found here,

CP300 -
CP150 -
CP130 -

CP355 -
CP155 -
CP135 -

SPB370 -
SPB350 - 

355AF   -
300AF+ - 

This will support the following IM/VideoNet softwares,


Gram Cam, Corel Draw from VideoNet, and VLC.

Thank you


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