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Date Created
Fri, 16th Apr 2010
Date Modified
Mon, 4th Oct 2010

   How do I download Flash (SWF) files for use in Aver+ Lesson Plans?


 I've found some great flash (*.swf) content on the web, but how can I download that content for use in my lesson plans?


 With AVer+ 1.5, we have introduced support for importing Flash-based media content. There are a number of different ways to download flash files on a website onto your system, but for the purposes of this knowledge base article, we will be utilizing the Firefox Web Browser. The screenshots below are on the Mac OSX, but the procedure is identical for Windows systems with Firefox.

1. The first step is browsing to the website with the flash content you are interested in

2. Right click on the web page (not the actual flash item itself) and select "View Page Info" from the menu:

3. Click on the "Media" tab at the top, and then locate the Flash item embedded on the page (the item will have a .swf extension, and the media type will be "embed")


4. Click the file and then select "Save as" and choose a location on your system to save the file to:


5. Launch Aver+ and you can import the flash file into your resource library or via the Insert > Flash menu option


Please note, this is not the only way to download Flash files from web sites. Also, please make sure to verify with the content provider to ensure you have the rights to utilize their content for your lesson plans.


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