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Written By
John Chang
Date Created
Wed, 12th May 2010
Updated By
John Chang
Date Modified
Wed, 12th May 2010

   How to fix Wavy lines / rolling video in AVER+ sofware



I have a V355AF document camera and am currently using it with the AVer+ software (current updated version from your website). The Video in the software is covered with rolling lines running up and down. I have changed out my USB cable and it is still the same.  How do I get rid of the rolling lines? Picture of rolling image attached.






Dear user,

We have a resolution for this.

1. Please make sure your AVER+ software is the most current up to date version. Visit to check if your version matches the current version if not delete your software and redownload it from our website.

2. Please send an email to requesting for the latest V355AF Firmware (and upgrade instructions).  Or you can call 1877-528-7824 for tech support help.  Avermedia tech support is available M-F 8:30 - 5 PST.

Thank you

Tech Support





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