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Fri, 16th Jan 2009

   AVerVision software will not launch


I installed our AVerVision software without any problems but I can't launch it. When I double click on the AVerVision icon, nothing happens. What's wrong?


Please double check to make sure other software on your computer isn't blocking our AVerVision software from starting. Firewall and anti-virus software might block software that it can not recognize. To ensure that our software isn't block, please add our AVerVision software to authorize list, if available. We've also received reports that Logitech's SetPoint software will disrupt our software from starting up. If SetPoint is installed on your computer, please disable it when trying to use our AVerVision software.

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Thank you for this article. It tooks me 3 days to figure it out. Problem was caused by Logitech Mouse Software. I apprediciate, if there will be caution about this problem or some software check routine looking for isetpoint.exe process embedded in installer