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Written By
John Chang
Date Created
Tue, 11th May 2010
Updated By
John Chang
Date Modified
Tue, 11th May 2010

   How to use document cmaera with SKYPE?



I am trying to use the AV355AF with skype but when ever I click on "Video call" the receiving party is only seeing a black screen with a loading icon that just keeps spinning like the video is trying to refresh but it never does. What is causing this and how do I get it to work




Dear customer,

our software engineer has found out the root cause for the AVermedia doc cam black video with skype.

Engineer informed that they have found the root cause for Skype V4.1 and V4.2. producing a black video in Video call when using with AV355AF.  Since our manufacture modifed the DocCam driver (PC side), we now need to pass the MS WHQL verification in order for the driver to install properly in the user’s system.  Before, that wasn’t a requirement but now it is. This will take 3 to 4 weeks for our software to be rewritten to get updated (ETA is Early June 2010, updated AVER+ softare will be available on website at that time). For users who demand our DocCam to work with with Skype V4.1 and V4.2 urgently, we have provided the link to roll back to SKYPE 4.0 which will still work with the AV355AF for video calle here,

Also another temporary solution is to use screen sharing in skype to do Video Calls, the instructions are attached for you. 

thank you

Tech support





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