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Date Created
Mon, 16th Feb 2009
Updated By
John Chang
Date Modified
Fri, 5th Aug 2011

   B&W Horizontal Lines


I'm seeing B&W horizontal lines. Doesn't matter if the unit is connected directly to a projector or to a computer via USB. It was working fine before.


This problem is caused by a sudden unexpected disconnection between our document camera and our software. It leads to the document camera getting stuck in an incorrect state. Please follow the procedure below to reset the unit.

1. Connect the document cameras to a monitor via RGB
2. The unit should start up and you should see the image with lines that you saw before
3. Press the ‘Menu’ button
4. Select ‘Settings’
5. Select ‘Text’ mode
6. Return to the first Menu and select ‘Default’
7. Select ‘Yes’ to set the unit to default settings
8. Please unplug and replug the power connector

The unit should be back to normal after this procedure.



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Comment posted
Just FYI that if you are trying to change these settings you must first disconnect the usb connection to the computer