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Date Created
Wed, 1st Dec 2010
Date Modified
Wed, 1st Dec 2010

   How to use TWAIN with a lower resolution


 I use the AverMedia Document Cameras with my SMART Notebook (or other) software, using the "Import via Scanner (or TWAIN)" but the resolution is too large and takes too long to import.


 We have created a modified TWAIN driver with the purpose of providing an alternative resolution to import objects via your Avermedia Document Camera.

 Please follow the following instructions:

  1. Download the Aver+ TWAIN Package attached to this FAQ
  2. Unzip the file and run the installation
  3. Now you can go to your software (SMART for example) 
  4. Go to Insert > Picture from Scanner (wording varies by software)
  5. Select the "AVerPlus DocCam TWAIN" option
  6. When the DocCam TWAIN software launches, you should be familiar with the interface, with the addition of two buttons under the "CAPTURE" menu--1024x768 and High Quality
  7. Select 1024x768 for the lower resolution, faster image capture
  8. or Select High Quality for the maximum resolution supported by your camera
  9. When complete, click "Close" to return back to your software
  10. The image will appear inside it

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