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Written By
John Chang
Date Created
Fri, 16th May 2008
Updated By
John Chang
Date Modified
Fri, 16th May 2008

   Computer Desktop is misaligned when using doc cam as pass through


I’m experiencing a strange glitch when using the active pass through on the SPC 300 with the MAC Leopard OS. When the computer is connected directly to the projector, the view of the desktop is fine. However, when the computer is connected to the VGA IN of the SPC 300, the view of the desktop is misaligned.


I’ve attached a few photos concerning the issue with active pass through.

1. In IMG_0023.jpg, you can see the comparison between the Mac’s screen image and passed through image.

2. In IMG_0024.jpg, you can see the resolution setting of the Mac. “Color LCD” is the resolution of the Mac Screen (1440 x 900). “A150X1” is the resolution of my monitor (1024 x 768). The difference between the two resolutions is the cause of the size difference.

3. In IMG_0025.jpg, I’ve mouse over “Turn On Mirroring” option. This option, when turned on, will allow the Mac screen and output monitor to display the same image.

4. In IMG_0026.jpg, is the image output of both screen when mirroring is turned on.

When mirroring is turned off, Mac is using the output monitor as an extended screen. You will notice that you don’t see a mouse cursor on the output monitor. But if you move the mouse cursor to the far right out of the normal area of the Mac screen, the cursor will appear on the output monitor. This issue should be the same on all our models. Please note, this will happen for Windows Vista also. Basically, any Computer that can support extended desktop, this can happen. Any laptop with the extended desktop feature might run into this as well.

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